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Sean Elliot

Hi, I'm Sean.

I am a web developer and designer living in sunny San Diego, CA.

I'm working currently as a freelancer, with a number of corporate and personal clients from around the country. I'm open to the idea of long-term projects and am very keen on making MVPs happen.

I have experience in a slew of areas, most notably html, css, js, jQuery, php, meteor, mongodb, and nginx.

Below, you can see some of the work I've done for clients, as well as some projects that I've decided to pursue for personal interest.



While I definitely prefer a local, face-to-face interaction with my clients, I have been fortunate enough to "meet" clients from around the country. I'm looking forward to building a new set of relationships here in San Diego, CA.

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Amazon Web Store

This project was built within the Amazon Web Store construct. The client was interested in maintaining a specific branding and color scheme while also relying on the Amazon Web Store templates for the project.

The end result was a page that looks almost nothing like a traditional Amazon Web Store, reflecting their desire to maintain a brand and image while still having access to the Web Store functionality.

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Meteor.js Deployment & Customization

This project is a deployment of the Meteor app Telescope. I've written a few custom packages that deliver styling modifications and add functions to the application.

The deployment is on a NOLEG stack, which allows for the addition of a blog, per the client's requirements.

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This is a project built using the Foundation framework. The client was interested in using parallax design to really highlight some of the photos of their menu items.

In order for the content to be more accessible on mobile devices, the parallax img are hidden on devices smaller than a tablet.

Inland Vacuummore_vert



For this project, I used a customized version of the Centum WordPress theme. This allowed me to give the client a responsive, customized design within their budget.

The product portfolio and individual product pages represent a true catalog experience without the need to download a large pdf, and even allows for some sorting of products. Overall, the client was very pleased with what I was able to accomplish on a limited budget.

Email Whalesmore_vert



For this project, I built a very basic WordPress theme from scratch, using the Bootstrap framework. The client wanted creative control over the content and img, so I provided an easy-to-use custom theme that fit the bill.

A quick favicon design, as well as some typography choices helped to enhance the end product.

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WordPress | Photography

For this project, I used a customized version of the Foodeez WordPress theme. This allowed me to give the client a responsive, customized design within their budget.

I also did all of the photography for this project, on site at the client's location.



Here are a few of the projects I've developed purely for fun. You can see some of my code at my github page. I continue to pursue development of my skill set, with a current focus on the full stack javascript framework, Meteor.

Web Appclose


This was a project I built to emulate Amazon's Stream application. At the base is an interaction with Amazon's Product Advertising API, which provides the data and img for the application. A local database is built using caching techniques, to reduce API calls.

A modest css design helps the app look good on mobile devices, as well.


Web Appclose


This was a project I built that provides a way for anonymous authors to connect. By simply sharing a unique URL, users can collaborate on stories without even knowing each other. A simple timer system ensures that there is a constant rotation of authors, and the app relies on a very basic implementation of material design.


Custom WordPress Themes. Contact me for licensing and use options. Full documentation is included.

Bistro Vmore_vert


WordPress Themeclose

This is a one page WordPress theme designed for casual to upscale restaurants. No plugins are required to use this theme, and it is fully functional right out of the box.

Mobile-ready and with more than a nod to Material Design, this theme is perfect for any aspiring restaurant in need of an internet facelift.



The best way to get in touch with me is simply to email me. I make a concerted effort to respond to every email within 24 hours. Please include your name, a way to reach you, and some information about how I can help deliver the design or solution you need.

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